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Social Recruitment

Why Social Media?

The biggest development in the recruitment field is social media. Social media makes more possible than ever before. Candidates have the opportunity to share their information now. Social media gives recruiters and employers more opportunities in the world of recruitment.

Employer brand

The employer brand of an organization is important. Every organization wants to keep its employees happy and loyal, so staff turnover is minimal. Social Media will increase your employer brand. Read more about Employer Brand.

Benefits of social recruitment

The amount of job seekers is big, so it is a difficult job to find the ideal candidate. The use of social media in recruitment sounds really interesting, but what are the benefits in the world of recruitment?

  • You can easily reach your target group
  • You save a lot of time
  • You improve the candidate quality
  • The use of referrals: use other employees to share the job ads on social media
  • You have the possibilty to screen potential candidates before you invite them for a job interview

Facebook Recruitment

At this moment there is a big amount of social media platforms. However, Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform in the world. Therefore, Facebook sounds really interesting. But there are other features that Facebook offers in the world of recruitment:

  • You can easily reach your target group with Facebook advertisements
  • You can build a strong corporate identity
  • You can easily put all your job ads on your Facebook company page.

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91% of employers use social media networks to screen prospective employees

70% of the job seekers agree that they would be more likely to apply at a company if they saw positive posts on social media from the company's fans and followers

61% of employees have rejected a candidate because of their social media behaviour

70% of employers have made a hire through social media