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5 easy steps to have the best employee referral program

5 easy steps to have the best employee referral program

February 12, 2014

Organizations are facing acute shortage of skilled manpower and hence recruiters are now experimenting with different recruitment methods like job portals, newspaper advertisements, recruitment agencies etc. to fill vacant positions and combat the rising attrition level

Employee referrals are now used extensively due to the overwhelming advantages it offers both in terms of cost and quality of hire. Recently, most successful organizations are getting an average 40% hiring rate through an employee referral program.

It is easy to design a good employee referral program; however running it successfully requires attention to a whole lot of details, failing which a well-designed referral program is also likely to fail.

You can start with effective employee referral posters and emails announcing the program to the employees of the organization. There should be periodic promotions with sustained efforts to make sure there is awareness of the program among the employees.